Remedies To Remove Obstacles In Love Marriage

Remedies To Remove Obstacles In Love Marriage :- Marriage is a culmination of dreams that a couple sees together. Realizing this dream and living with each other happily is the new start of a life for the couple. When two people meet and fall in love, it is understood that there is a bigger reason for the same. And this reason is marriage.

Usually when two people fall in love they believe its the God’s will and then comes the obstacles that prevent them from getting married. What are these obstacles? These obstacles can be many, from your kundli and doshas in it, to the consent of your parents, to your financial condition or a gradual fall out of love.

Effective Remedies To Remove Obstacles In Love Marriage

It may be surprising how starts positions affect your life so much, but its true that your meeting with each other and then your alliance with each other is in the hands of the stars. But is this reversible? Yes, the positions of stars can be changed through performing some rituals and solutions. These solutions are given by our Pandit ji who is a renowned intellectual in his field and performs strong mantras to give you a happy life. Using the stars solutions and mantras can remove all the hindrances and you can live like you expected to live with each other, with grace and dignity.

Let us enumerate the reasons and solutions that are responsible for delay in marriage of a girl or a boy?

Planets affect our mind, body and heart. The study abut planets and how they impact our body is an important realm of Science and we refer to it as astrology. According to our renowned astrologer, the planets if made peaceful then can change everything and make the situation positive for you. In case you are facing a problem of delayed marriage, you can understand the reasons mentioned below:

Foremost reason of delayed marriage is the position of a planet in the 7th House. As the 7th house lord is considered to be a weak link it tends to affect the marriage of a person.

Secondly, Venus is responsible in the making and the breaking of love. So whenever there is a strong venus, such people will have a strong love life that is likely to culminate into marriage.

However, a combination of venus with a malefic planets stops synergy of positivity. On the contrary, it brings turmoil in getting married to each other.

What are the remedies to convert love into marriage and remove all the obstacles?

There are powerful solution for delayed marriage for girl or boy by alleviating the hindrances. These rituals are mentioned below and must be performed as given under the supervision of our Guruji who is an expert in this domain.

  • On the very first Thursday of the (Shukla paksha) when the moon is half, yet bright, you need to arrange a lock without its keys.
  • The lock can be of any size
  • You need to now rotate this lock around you in anticlockwise direction.
  • After this you need to place the lock at crossroads and come home without turning back to see the lock. Please be aware that once you leave the lock, do not turn back.
  • After doing this easy remedy, obstacles will start getting removed from your life and you will be together soon.
  • These remedies can be used by girl or boy
  • Along with this and after conducting this, from the next day that is Friday that falls on a bright phase of Moon, you need to recite a mantra for 108 times.
  • While you chant the mantra, you need a picture of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi as this is dedicated to them. Five months from doing this you will succeed in marrying the one you love.

|| ‘Om Lakshamiii Narayan Namahaaa’ ||

What are the Astro remedies for success in love marriage?

  • Falling in love and then getting married is a great feeling. But for some reason our partner or his/her family has denied your alliance what would you do? It is important to get married to the one you love instead of setting with someone you don’t love or feel for. For this you must seek astrological advice given by our Guruji and get your answers. 
  • Sometimes people perform mantras and rituals just to put them to test. This is not an advisable thing to do and you must do this only if you trust the almighty and his power to get you anything you ask for.
  • Astro Remedies To Remove Obstacles In Love Marriage are strong ways that build confidence in you that you will marry the one you love and will clear all the obstacles.

What are the methods to get married to the person you love?

With obstacles around your marriage plan are there, you need to seek our Guruji’s suggestion to remove them. These solutions that our Guruji will give you are considered as Upaya, and work towards making the planets favorable so your marriage does not suffer. These upayas are easy and can be done at home. How? just read below:

Take a lemon and dig three iron nails in it. Following this, put a pinch of sindhoor on it. On this step you need to be careful and see that you place the sindhoor in the middle of all the three nails. Now chant the following mantra. While you chant just the keep the partner in your mind and heart.

The mantra is:

| Om hareem shreeem kaleem kuru kuru swaha ||

In some time you will see spectacular results of you and your spouse coming together effortlessly without any delay.


Astrology is the strongest Science that helps in transforming the life positively. Come to our Pandit ji and speak your heart out. Be assured that you will get all the remedies and solutions for the problems that have bothered you in the past. The results are gradual but swift. Call our love marriage specialist or connect with us for an appointment towards a burden less life and a happy marriage.