Powerful way to bring someone love back to you

Break Up is the biggest setback that one gets in love. Facing a break up after years of love relationship brings sadness. For some, they move on, but others who are not ready for the breakup, just don’t feel happy anymore. They forget what happiness is. For those who find it difficult to move on, because they get into the habit of being in each other’s company, and this change in life is too big to be adapted to easily.

But, we would suggest you that there is a ray of hope in everything thing that you want. Yes, even after the break up you will be happy to see how our Guru ji can help you in getting the lost love back. With Sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Vashikaran, and palmistry, our Guruji can solve relationship problems that will enable you to get your lost love back.

How Break-ups impact people?

Break-ups are horrendous as some people never get out of the pain that separation brings. This means for such people their life is always sorrowful. It makes us never trust in the relationship value especially when it comes to love. There are people men and women who refuse to marry for the rest of their lives after they have seen one sad breakup so imagine for those who have experienced it first hand, will definitely be very sad and totally lost.

Since a break is an un-anticipated part of our lives, it is important that we understand the crux behind it. The fundamental reason of a break up is astrology. Yes, you will say, how it is astrology because the person always loved you. So read it again, everything in unanticipated! You are not aware of what is in store for you in the future. So even if you experienced a strong bond you are likely to go through the break up if your stars are unfavorable.

Our Guruji helps such people who have lost any hope in life and does not live the way they use to. They often lose their original self and work towards more deterioration. Our Guruji says that he can help you to get your lost love back. With his techniques and numerous tips that he has planned for you, you will again blossom like a spring flower. I am sure the mere thought will give you lots of hope. So imagine how much our Guruji can give you as he is a motivator and expert consultant for breakups.

Below mentioned are some defined tips from our Guruji that will help you get your lost love back:

These tips include the various ways in which you can develop some hope in getting the lost love back. These tips are generic and for more specific tips that are related to your specific problem can be discussed personally with the Guruji.

  1. Compatibility: It is indeed important to know how much compatible people are with each other. According to the position of the stars and their horoscope, this compatibility parameter can be considered. Like we mentioned that this depends upon astrology and the charts. Into this, the zodiac sign including the moon and the sun sign are calculated and then matched for compatibility. If they are found compatible then indeed you must know that there is a lot of hope of getting the love back.
  2. Through Chanting Mantras: Once you are aware of the compatibility percentage, and feel confident about your decision you may chant some mantras that our guruji will give you. Repetitively chanting them with all the correct methods, you are soon going to get your happiness. The vashikaran specialist. , our Pandit ji will guide you with the chanting process and items you need to have to continue your journey towards success and happiness. You will surely get your lost love back.
  3. Chanting of Durga mantra to get your love back:  Om Jai Jagdambe Shri Mantra || Chant this mantra to get some peace of mind that is your love! Durga maa bestows her blessings to an extent that you feel comforted and calm even if it takes time for your love to come back to you. That is the magic of mantras that you can experience.
  4. Chanting of the Krishna mantra : Lord Krishna is an epitome of love. So if you are facing some problems that are related to love, please chant this mantra and get your love back into your life. || Om Shri Krisnaye Namah vasushayae Namah || This mantra is a powerful one and shows your focus in getting your love back. Make sure that you chant this with a lot of belief in the lord and his blessings.
  6. Totkas using lemon: Take a nice fresh lemon and insert some nails in the manner. Use the   perfect bit of sindhoor and do prikrama of this. After this, the next day you need to take this lemon and move it around your lover’s head in a circular motion around seven times. Post this, bury this under the ground.
  7. Shiv Mantra will help you get your love back: Reciting this shiva mantras will be your good fortune in getting not just your love life but anything other problem you have will vanish. Lord Shiva is the biggest giver and always listens to you. If you wish you may also fast on Mondays and eat food without salt. This will make your prayers heard faster.  || Om namoh Shivay||
  9. Spells that help in getting the love back: A collection of words and how they are recited will cast a black magic spell over your ex-lover and he/she will be back with you in no time. This is the chant and do it when your extremely focused. This mantra when chanted repeatedly, it will cast spell over your lover and he/she wil be back with you to never leave you again. || Oh almighty please help to get me bring the love of the life that can impart you with happiness||
  10. Chanting Mata Kali’s mantra: As powerful Mata is, chanting her mantras bring a lot of power. This chant gives lot of strength and confidence to fight the love issues.     || Om KALPABHINI SWAHA PHAt Phat||


  1. Get the best vashikaran mantras for love issues: Use vashikaran mantras for getting the lost love back. This will be necessary if you are in a hurry to make the mantras work. The Vashikaran is very important to be conducted with a lot of belief and focus along with correct rituals.  You can chant this mantra at your home also and do not need many items to fulfill your desires. The mantra that you can chant is: || Om harem Kleem Swaha||Do not let communication gaps disturb your relationship: Communication is an important tool between any husband and wife and gives more trust to each other. After a while this trust only becomes most important and all other things seem to be in vain. Hence, when a couple communicates with each other, they tend to discuss everything that happened in the day leaving no room for secrets that would spoil a marriage. This will also increase your understanding and love for each other.
  2. Self less love: Loving each other unconditionally is what a marriage is all about. Any woman would be happy to get a caring husband when compared with a good looking one who does not care. Similarly, for a man a woman who does not manage the house and is too demanding is not liked by husband. So it is necessary to have unity and selfless love for each other. Caring for each other will repair any cracks in your relationship.

How astrology impacts love life? Is it possible to get the love back?

Planetary position of planets like venus and Jupiter, and even Saturn impact the marriage time, delay, and separation. When either Venus or Jupiter which known to be combined with the 7th house of a malefic planet, it is likely that separation or divorce will happen. This can be stopped by rituals and upayas given by our Guruji. The position of planets like Rahu, ketu and Saturn . In the 7th house will lead to a turbulent relationship. So work on the planets to get a suitable love partner and perform vashikaran to get he lost love back.

Can we use Totkas to get lost love back?

Of course! Totkas can be implemented in the right manner to get your love life back. For totkas you are supposed to lay your hands on your ex lover’s hair or any item that belongs to him/her so you can perform the totka. Follow these for more clarity:

  • You should have a picture of your lover. This is an easy thing as these days everyone has a picture of their partners in their phones.
  • Make sure your surroundings are clean. Since this is to be done while sitting on the floor, your floor must be clean.
  • Sit in a position like you sit for tantras
  • Now place the photos as the face of the person and begin the process.
  • Light a candle

That’s all and now this will help you get your love back. You will get your lost love again in your life. Since happiness in love is the most important thing, you will get it and now you can enjoy with your partner. 

Which Durga Mantra can be chanted to get the lost love back  ?

The durga mantra that you are chanting is known to be as one of the most effective mantra.  The chanted with focus and complete faith, it is certain that you get what you desire. Therefore, if you desire to get your lost love back, you will not realize how this miracle happened when you will see your lost love come back to you. To experience the power of this mantra, go ahead and practice this on your love to get the love of your life back blossoming you to happiness.  The Durga mantra that you need to chant is mention here in the following manner:

|| Om Durga Mahi Get Swaha Swaha Karu karu Manha ||

Are you aware of the reasons that has made you lose your love? And now do you want to know those reason?

Finding true love is a very difficult task. So once you find true love it is not easy to let go of it. This means that no matter what reason come by, you don’t want to lose your love. For this, you must always follow certain love rules and principles that will ensure that your relationship never goes sour. When the two of you are together then nothing can take your love away from you. Just be strong and always have faith in your relationship.

  • Constant communication: An important way to be with each other is to have a balanced communication. This communication leads you to have a supportive partner. When you speak with each other you always know the solutions as communication brings support and faith especially when you are aware of everything about each other. Moreover, your misunderstanding have no room between the love.
  • Distrust: Faith and trust are primary in the relationship and you must always have these two in your love. If someone comes and tell something wrong about your partner, don’t just take a decision immediately, instead have faith and ask questions when the time is right.
  • Reciprocating love with intensity: Yes, this an important factor because all relationships have an expectation. If you love your partner with complete intensity, it is natural for you to expect the same love in return. But if you feel your partner does not love you back as he/she should, you must contact our Guruji who will work on this issue and soon you will realize how your partner has started loving you the same way leaving you always happy and brimming with more love.

What are the most useful and effective tips to find lost love back?

When love enters your life, a lot of aspects change. These aspects are positive as you tend to feel happy and always on cloud nine. This is because a couple usually communicate with each other, surprises each other and do a lot more to keep each other happy. However, these attributes must not change after couple gets married. These are mentioned in detail below:

Continue your communication with the partner: When you feel sad because your love gets lost, and you stop talking to the lost love. This will move you to farther from each other and the chances that you two will be back becomes bleak. Therefore, you must not stop communication with each other even when something between the two of you goes wrong. Continue loving the partner, even though you are not together at the moment.

Perceiving the right reason of why the love got lost?: It is important to work on the reason why the love was lost and how the break up happened. For this, you must sit and talk with the partner to sort it out yourself. However if this was because of an entry of the third person, then you must use our vashikaran techniques to get your lost love back. This kind of reason does not behold you as the culprit, and you must talk it out and then use our techniques and mantras to get your love back.

Spacing out from each other is also important to keep the relationship fresh:  Too much meeting and not giving space to each other also leaves a lot of loop holes in the relationship. These loopholes may become larger if you or your partner continue to be extremely possessive about each other. This closeness leads to frustration between the partners and thus, it may sometimes lead to disturbance in the marriage.

Apart from these vital reasons mentioned above, other reasons of losing the love of your life is the difference in the caste or religion. Our Guruji has solutions for all these issues too. So if your marriage is love marriage, and then your family does not agree for the relationship because of inter caste, then you must seek help from our Guruji and get your girlfriend or your boyfriend will be back with you. 

In addition to this, there are love spells and chants that will help you get your love back. These spells and chants can be given to you by our Guruji who will help you in all kinds of complex problems. All you need to do is to have faith on the chants and the process to recite these.

How to get  lost love back by dua?

If you are a Muslim, you would know how important and effective a Dua is. Just like you fast on ramzan, for your Dua to get kabool and accepted by the Allah, you must know that Dua is the best way to get your love also back. A dua will make you strong and your belief rock solid in giving the desired wishes. This will find you in a powerful situation and you will feel that there is no one who can take your love from you. Our Maulvi ji can do this easily for you and your happiness.

|| HuB Se Kleem Kleem Karu Karu Swaha ||

Is  shabar mantra the right way to get the lost love back ?Also, does vrat help in getting the person you love to be back in your life?


Yes, God has devised these rituals, and thee surely work very quickly and positively. Below are some rules for vrat:

  • During the vrat some rituals are to be performed that require some ingredients. So before fasting collect these and then start the vrat.
  • It is auspicious to wear yellow clothes on this day as this fast needs to be done on Thursdays. Thursday is considered more auspicious when you wear yellow clothes.
  • Now focus on your lover /partner and begin the chant.
  • Chant the shabar mantra 101 times with trust and belief that your love will be back with you.
  • || on hrim krim sheebani karu karu ||

How is Vashikaran helpful in getting lost love ?

  • The chants of the vashikaran mantra a strong and work in your favor when you are focused.
  • Besides, this allows you to control your love and you can can then get whatever you want from your partner, even love.
  • Moreover, you can control the family too using Vashikaran Mantras.

Chant the mantras and see the magic turning your sadness into happiness.

  • || Om hareem Kaleem (desired person name) vashyam kuru-kuru swaha ||


What is the Hindu mantra and getting the lost love back mantra to get the love back?

|| Om hun hreen sah Krishnaay Namah ||

Lord Krishna’s mantra is strong because he believed in the power of love. This is the reason why his name is always taken with Radha, who was the love of his life. Therefore, chanting Krishna Mantra resolves all your love issues. And through our Guruji you can reach the solutions of methods of chanting Lord Krishna’s mantra. It is only a Guru who can help the people, and our Guruji is certainly one of them.

Hindu Mantra:

An old mantra mentioned in the scriptures denoting how you can get your lost love back is now shared with you here. Please chant this with focus and under the guidance of our Guruji. Not only the love of your life will come back, but also numerous others desires will be fulfilled which were by until now only hidden in your heart.

||  Om namoh  Kat Kat swaha ||

How Shiv Mantras help in getting lost love back

  • Lord Shiva has the power to change the destiny. Praying to him will get your lost love back. Chant the On Namoh shivaya and see the magic in some time. Not a moment of doubt should come to your mind. One doubt will attract more doubts and then your dream will not be fulfilled. Since Shiva is also called ‘Ashutosh’ it means he is Lord who gets content with very little offerings from the bhakts. So go ahead and ask our Guruji the rituals in through which this mantras can attain a siddhi.

Why contact only our Pandit Ji for getting lost love back?

An experience of a pandit ji is the most relevant way to judge how good a pandit will be. In our case, our guru ji has years of experience and has performed all kinds of rituals to make other’s lives better. It is important that you also know the following so your trust in us becomes stronger and larger:

  • The years of experience has enabled our Panditiji to act appropriately and get success for every problem that you are facing.
  • A sound knowledge of so many years of both, vashikaran and astrology makes him to get the person for every problem. Through various steps you will get your lover back in 24 hours and 72 hours from performing the ritual.
  • Instantly, without much ado, you will get quick rituals and solutions to resolve your love problems.
  • Our Guruji does not charge much, so you can come to him without much thought.


Let not anything make you suffer now. Our Guruji who is an expert will engage you in the right things that you will cherish forever. Please consult him for getting the lost love back and for any other problem you have in life. Our specialist can provide you with the best and most effective solutions to get the specialist.