Pooja to get married

Pooja to get married, As spectacular as it can be, Marriage is the most sacred of all the relationships. This is because you fall in love with someone who has had no earlier connection with you. Whatever connection that is developed is the foundation of any marriage. No matter love or arranged, marriages are definitely a good start to a new journey of life for the man and the girl. It is so beautiful to think about how two people who once never knew each other are now married and love each other immensely. Moreover, as time lapses, they will bear children together and will tread towards a more successful path in life.

But you must have seen a lot people, girls, and boys alike who are waiting to get married, but do not get a chance to do so. BY not getting a chance it means they are ready but not able to find a partner who would marry them. There are girls and boys who may also be in relationships, but still there is a delay in their marriage too. To avoid this delay, you must have done various rituals, now its time that you come to us and seek blessings from our Guruji who will tell you the right ways of Pooja that will push to the sacred relationship that you have been waiting to get into.

What are these pooja rituals and how long do they take to show the results?

Focus and belief is the most important thing that allows one to remain positive for everything in life. If you have the belief that sooner or later, God will listen to your prayers, then you must visit our Guruji who will advocate pooja rituals and offerings to change your stars in a more positive direction.  This change will certainly aspire you to remain happy and you will get the match who loves you with the intensity as you would love him/her. Listed below are some rituals:

  • When you seek help from our Guruji, you will be given a list of items that are needed for the Pooja. This list must be read carefully so that every itme is collected in the same quantity as asked.
  • Having done that, you are now going to clean the pooja sthan where you will conduct his pious ritual.
  • As all pooja methods require some sanctity, you may dress up well and maintain that sanctity. Dressing well includes being neat and tidy.
  • Chose to wear yellow colored clothes that signify happiness and peace at the same time.
  • Sit with your back straight in a Siddhi Position.
  • Prepare the Havan Kund and now be ready for the mantras.

Below mentioned mantra is defined to help you find the right match and help you get married on time.

  • ||  Om THAT THAT Swaha Swaha ||


While you are chanting this mantra you need to offer the havan samagri into the havan kund as the offerings to the God.

What usually is the reason for a delay in marriage?

A delay in marriage is mostly attributed to the stars. It is said that when the Venus mount or the planet is not in favor, then the love relationships and marriages are delayed or broken. Venus in Hindi means ‘Shukr’. You can seek help from our Pandit ji who will help you by giving various small and specific remedies to uplift the ‘Shukr’ position such that your happiness related to your marriage and love will always be by your side. To mention a few that will help you in pleasing the planet Venus are mentioned as follows:

  • It is said that you must help those in need. You can give them sweets, and clothes so they will bless you.
  • Try and always wear yellow clothes on every Thursday, as this will   brighten up your family life.
  • If possible, try and wear a new piece of cloth each Friday and for girls you can wear some makeup and try and look good all the time, This pleases the Venus planet. For boys, you must be well dressed all Fridays.
  • Pray to Lord Shiva and see how fruitful the prayers will be.

Can we pray to Lord Hanuman to get prevent delays in marriage?

Yes, indeed, Hanuman Mantras are extremely powerful to get you your love. There are basic pooja methods that you need to follow while praying to Lord Hanuman and you results sooner. All you have to do is to chant this mantra.  

“Om hreem Hanumanate Namah KarU Karu SWAHA Swaha That Phat Swaha|| Om Namoh Swahyshaym||

This mantra is strong and help you getting the love of your life. You will be blessed especially if you follow the exact ways to perform and offer to Lord hanuman. These specific ways are to be discussed and varies from person to person. So please get in touch with our Guruji and he will solve these issues for you so that they never crop up ever gain and you love a happy married life. 

However, the generic way to perform the Hanuman Pooja is mentioned below:

  • Sometimes, the planets are in such a position that they tend to attract negativity. If you do not pray on an everyday basis and are not strong willed human, you are likely to be affected by this negativity. So when you chant the Hanuman mantra, you are negating this negativity and will get rid of all the evil that has been creating issues in your love life.
  • The mantra mentioned above should always be recited on a Tuesday. Like every pooja, begin with taking bath, wearing good and neat clothes, and a clean environment. Now you need to offer gold , white rice and sindoor to the LORD. Alongside the offerings, you must also light up a lamp using Ghee. Now chant the  Hanuman Shabar Mantra with complete focus.
  • With focus, you need to continue the recitation for nearly 30 minutes each day for a period of 11 days. On every Tuesday, after the rituals in the morning, you can visit the Hanuman temple in the evening and pray to the LORD. 

Love marriage too is possible if you chant Hanuman Mantra

A common problem these days is the lack of genuine love. In addition, if there are girls and boys who finally get genuine love, then marriage becomes a concern. Therefore, chanting the below mentioned Hanuman Mantra will supplement your happiness as your partner will agree to marry you.

  • All you have to do is to chant the mantra in a way that is asked by our pandit Ji. Please understand the rituals well if you need good and fast results in getting love.

||Om hanuman Hanumantye Namah Namah || 

What should be done to get Son married?

With the career age of boys now exceeding the usual 26 band to nearly 40 years, is a matter of stress for most parents. As they compare themselves with their children and wish they can see the prosperity of the daughter-in -law and the son together, before they leave the Earth forever. This is indeed the very emotion of every parent. Keeping in mind this emotion, it is indeed righteous to get married on time as not only the parents worry, but also because the biological clock continues to tick and then there may be a time when you will not want to get married. Imagine what the parents will go through. So if you are a mother, reading this, please chant the below mentioned mantra that will enhance the luck in marriage for your son.

||Om pyaar  vashnayam namah||

More mantras for early marriage?

Sometimes being in love for a longer period also brings turmoil to the relationship. Although, the girl/boy may have committed to get married to each other, there are chances that one may back-out owing to various reasons. So if you are someone who is looking to get married to your partner soon, it is time you connect with our Guruji who will give various mantras and rituals that will convince your partner to get married to you soonest.

This is not through any vashikaran mantra, but through astrology and other pooja rituals that will help you in persuading your partner that marriage need not be delayed.


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