Mantra for success in love Marriage

To manage relationships is one of the most difficult thing. Like we all know that falling in love is easy, but to manage it for the rest of the life isn’t a very easy thing. Only those who can face the rigors and pressures of a relationship can carry love marriage unto the apex of success. For this, your love has to be genuine and must not fade with time.  You must be wondering that sometimes even when your love is not fake you are still seeing the woes in marriage and love.  Your spouse has moved out of the relationship, or doesn’t treat you right, or lies to you and you suspect that the love and your marriage may be at rocks.

In that case, it is very difficult to let go of your relationship so easily, especially when your love for the partner is extremely genuine and you cannot even imagine your life without him/her. So what should you do? After you have tried many things, taken help from family members, and friends and nothing has worked out, then it is time to get connect with the Almighty. Yes, your fights and the way you can get success in love can only be attained by praying to the Almighty.

But is it that simple? Yes, it is simple indeed, but you need to seek guidance from our Guruji as there are methods and ways in which you pray. There are Ganesh mantra, Krishna mantra, Vishnu mantra, and even Shiv mantra that help you get your love back.  Chanting these powerful mantras will help you getting success in love!

Ganesh Mantra for success in love marriage

For everything auspicious we first remember Lord Ganesha and then we proceed to other Gods and deities. This is because lord Ganesha fulfills all the desire of the ones who pray to him. It is said that Lord Ganesha takes away all your woes and sadness and brings happiness. So if you are planning to get married and are not able to find the right match, or if there are many obstacles that come your way whenever you or your family plan marriage for you, then you must seek Lord Ganesha’s blessing and chant the following mantra.  

|| “Om Gyani Namapi Chetansi Devi Bhagwati Hi Sa

Baladakrishya Mohay Maha Maya Prayakshati” ||

Chanting this mantra every day during your pooja routine will get you success in marriage. If you are already married, then also praying to Lord Ganesha will add more prosperity and trust in your relationship.

Krishna Mantra for success in love and marriage

Krishna bhagwan symbolizes love. His love for Radha ji was pious and that’s why today we offer prayers to Radha ji and Lord Krishna.  Therefore, if you think you have some love for your partner, and wish to convert the love into marriage and are facing some issues, you must come to Lord Krishna and begin your rituals of chanting the following Krishna Mantra.

|| Om krishhnaye Vasudeva damodaraye namoh Namah ||

Before you proceed the chanting process you must do the following:

  • Keep one photo of Lord Krishna in front of you before the chants.
  • Light a candle or diya, this will be your way of offering our prayers and faith that you have in Krishna Bhagwan
  • Now sit with your back straight, and this is called the ‘siddhi’ position.
  • Now begin the chants with complete focus and determination and the goal in your head.

You are certainly going to get success when you chant this Krishna Mantra that promises success in love and later in marriage.

Shiv Mantra for success in love and marriage

Shiv Ji is the most giving God. All your prayers will be fruitfully answered when you ask them from Lord Shiva. With Paravati Mata by his side, he understands the pain of love as we all know through the Hindu scriptures. So if you are in love and your partner and you now want to get married, but are facing troubles like caste issues, or parents who are not agreeing, then chanting Shiva mantra will be your way to attain success in marriage.

Chanting the simple mantra will ease you out of the problems that you found so grave before you started praying. This strength and positivity that you get from the chants will help you attain your marriage goals. The marriage goals cannot be a success without the presence of Gods and elders. So any problem related to convincing parents and other relative will all be over after the power Shiva Mantra.  The mantra is:

|| Om name namoh Shivaya ||

What are other mantras for specific problems in love and marriage?

To convince your parents: Our Gurujii will give you many more upayas and ways in which you can get your lost love back or can plan marriage with the one you love.  For example, to convince your parents, the following mantra can be chanted. The reason of parents rejection can be any, including the caste issue being one of the primary ones. To chant this mantra with lots of vidhi and vidhan, you need to consult our Guruji.

|| Om hareem shreem Kaleem Bhatt Bhatt swaha ||

To get lost love back:  With luck one you get a good partner, it is very difficult to let go of the partner. For some reason if your partner has moved on, or has fallen out of love, you must conslt our Guruji and get the lost love back. The mantras that you will be given will not only get your love back, but will make your partner love you more than before.  

 To prevent the partner from extra marital affair: Sometimes, you may not be at fault, and neither your partner, but a third person may have come between you two. This third person may have allured your partner with Gifts and some unethical means. With the use of vashikaran mantras, and specific chants, you can win the partner back into your life and moreover, save your partner’s life too who has been allured to do wrong things.

Similarly, each individual has his or her own problems. And each problem has a separate solution. So for specific problems you must get in touch with our Guruji. He will give you perfect mantras that are aligned with your problems directly.


As a lover and a partner who loves your spouse, you must not be alone in this journey of sadness and betrayal. You can consult our Guruji who is a specialist and can help you out with solutions. From him you can get solutions of Lal Kitab, Vashikaran, Palmistry, and astrology. Moreover, if you wish to keep your identity safe, we never disclose that to anyone, after all we understand that personal life needs to be secret.  So as per your choice, we will give remedies that are easy to do and not expensive too. We also offer specialized readings in many cases especially when the problem is grave and requires special attention.