Love Marriage Prediction

If you have pure love for a person, you would probably want to marry him or her. Never in your life would you want to leave the person. However, life requires planning, and you would be wondering when you can marry him or her. Sometimes, you might land in a dilemma with these issues. Marriage requires prior planning, and you would like to seek astrological help to predict your marriage after making love. Our astrologer specializes in predicting love marriages. If you want to know when you would get married to the desired person, you should reach out to him. Call our astrologer or WhatsApp him at  +91-9876501082

Predicting your marriage by name

Our astrologer can easily predict your marriage using the name. You should be made that in our Kundli and grahas, the names determine a lot about marriage. Accordingly, our astrologer uses a calculator to determine the chances of a love marriage. The initial alphabet of your name, along with the overall count of your name is related to the revolution of the planets. In the first place, our astrologer will check out the horoscope of both the persons. Accordingly, he will predict the love marriage between you and your lover.

11 tips for a successful relationship and prediction of your love marriage

  • Giving importance: In a relationship, both the partners should give importance to one another. It’s not right to take your lover for granted. This approach to your love life will keep it healthy. You will also get married to your lover when you give importance to him or her.
  • Do things together: By working together, you can make your marriage a success. When you work together, you would be complementing each other. Besides, both of you would spend quality time, that will make your bond strong.
  • Happy sexual life: A happy sexual life is the key to a strong relationship. Take two minutes to hug your partner, or kiss him or her for 30 seconds. A cheerful sexual life would lead to a happy married life.
  • Spend quality time: Both the partners should give quality time to the relationship. Otherwise, your lives will turn out to be gloomy or boring. When you spend quality time, you would be exchanging your reactions and feelings.
  • Respect one another: Respecting each other strengthens the bond between the two partners. You must be knowing that a successful relationship largely rests on dignity and respect. When both of you follow this approach, you can enjoy a happy life to marriage.
  • Tell your spouse that you prioritize the person: When there is love between two people, each of them would want to be valued. It is your responsibility to convey to your partner that you value him or her. When you successfully do this, you would enjoy a stronger bond with your partner. He or she would also prioritize you in all the activities.
  • Be next to one another: Try sitting next to one another at home or whenever you go somewhere. This will ensure that both of you can transfer your vibes to each other. In the process, you will be able to strengthen your bond.
  • Go for secret dates: From time to time, plan some secret dates to places where you would love to spend your time. This will create a better bond and faith between you two. Over time, you will be able to transfer your love to a happy married life.
  • Ease up your life: In relationships, you might face complications when there is a lack of understanding between you two. Therefore, you need to ease up your life and make things simple. Try to take up pressure from your partner, so that he or she understands that you care. Eventually, you will be able to live peacefully and this will lead to your marriage.
  • Discuss financial aspects: You should maintain financial transparency with your partner. Both of you should know each other’s financial positions. This will increase the confidence and trust in your relationship.
  • Communicate properly to each other: A proper communication is necessary between the two people when you want to build a healthy relationship. Take time and talk properly to one another. This will also strengthen your relationship in a strong way.

 Signs of problems in relationship when you go through highs and lows

 You might be putting in a lot of effort into the relationship. However, you might realize that certain problems are continuing to bother you.

Predicting marriage by horoscope and date of birth

Our astrologer holds specialization in predicting your love marriage with the help of horoscope and the date of birth. He can predict marriage by consulting the 7th house. However, in the first place, it is important to find out the plant which is present in this particular house. For this to happen, one needs to count anticlockwise and find where the seventh number comes. This is the planet that our astrologer would place in the 7th house. It would be a positive indication if you have Jupiter in the 7th house. This significantly enhances the chances of a love marriage.

Guessing whether you would have arranged marriage or love marriage

 Naturally, you would be interested to know whether you would have arranged or love marriage. Our astrologer uses the Mars line to find out what type of marriage you would have. Mars line refers to the line that you would find between your index finger and thumb. This line lies parallel to your lifeline. Therefore, the age line is the same line that belongs to Jupiter. When you have this particular line present in your hand, it indicates an arranged marriage. However, if this line is absent in your palm, you would have a love marriage.

Prediction of love marriage in Hindi

When two people unify with one another during the marriage, it is an auspicious time for both. Of course, you would want to know in Hindi about the prediction of your love marriage. For this, you should reach out to us. Our astrologer will ask you your date and time of birth. He will also gain information about your Kuja or Mangalik dosha. This would indicate how compatible you would be with your partner. All these processes involve many complex calculations in astrology. Our guruji will perform all these calculations. In the process, he will find out whether or not the horoscope has marriage yoga.