Inter Caste Love Marriage Prediction

Love brings you some of the best feelings in life. Every person experiences love at some part of their life or the other. At times, one may fall in love with someone from a different religion or caste. In love, you never have a fault in these situations. Love often happens to be unconditional and it does not discriminate among people. However, you might face problems in your love life due to different reasons. Most of the time, these are related to astrological aspects. Many planets such as Rahu and Venus affect your relationship and love life. When you reach out to our astrologer, he will help you sort out the problems. In the process, it would help you proceed with inter caste marriage.

Predicting love marriage between lovers of different caste: Tips to follow

Develop a strong relationship: In the first place, it is crucial to build a strong relationship. When both the partners share this connection, they can solve the problem arising from different caste orientations.

Put examples of successful marriages between intercaste partners: If you decide to marry a person from a different caste, your family members or parents might not support it. In these cases, you need to put forward examples of successful love marriages between intercaste people before them.

Have patience: It is important to have some patience when you want to marry a person. The reason is, many times the partners face a lot of complications and problems during love marriage. Unless you are patient, things would not work in your favour.

 Obey your parents:  In case you are planning to go for a love marriage, you need to ease up the situation at home. In this case, you need to talk to your parents regarding your marriage. Discussing things at home often works in your favour. When you talk to them, you can resolve the problem.

Use vashikaran to convince your parents: Through Vashikaran, one can control another person and make them do things as per their will. When you get hold of the mind of your parents, you can convince them about the intercaste marriage.

 Tell them about the qualities of your partner: When you discuss about your marriage with your parents, you need to talk about the qualities of your partner. In this way, they would get to know about the good qualities of your partner.

 Meet the family: Before going forward to marry the person of your choice, try to establish a meeting between both the families. When they sit face to face with each other, they can have a discussion over the problematic points. This will strengthen the bond between both the families.

Tell your family to meet the girl or boy: Initially, when you talk to your parents regarding your intercaste marriage, they may not agree with it. However, you need to convince them so that they meet your partner. This will enable your parents to get an idea on the character and personality of the individual.

Try to win the confidence of one of your parents: Winning the trust or confidence of one of your parents will help in your intercaste marriage. Try to approach the one with whom you are close. This would help in convincing the other person.

Focus on how similar you are: Both the families should be aware of the similarities between the two partners. This will enable them to match the compatibility between you and your partner.

Don’t give importance to castism: Explain to your parents that love is more important than caste. This is the bond between two people that can create a family. For a relationship to be successful, one needs love, not caste.

Using date of birth to predict intercaste marriage

When you love someone, you would like to marry the person. However, you might face problems if the person is from a different caste. In these cases, you need to consult an experienced astrologer, who would predict your love marriage. The expert consults birth charts to predict intercaste marriage, and examines the positions of different houses and planets in the horoscope. Accordingly, our guruji would calculate necessary aspects involving your date of birth. Accordingly, he will use the numbers 1 to 9 to examine the collective outcome. In the process, he will help you predict the love marriage.


 Checking Kundli for seeing yoga of intercaste marriage

 Depending on the female and male planet, the role that Jupiter and Venus plays would differ. In the male member, Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu may combine with Venus. In these cases, it would lead to problems with intercaste marriage. However, in the female Kundli, Jupiter may combine with Saturn, Ketu, or Rahu. In these cases, there is a high chance of intercaste marriage, or love marriage outside the caste. Our astrologer will brief you up about these aspects after checking your Kundli.

 In palmistry, what signs indicate intercaste marriage?

Palmistry refers to the art of reading the human palm to predict something about the future. Our astrologer can use palmistry to predict whether you would have arranged marriage or love marriage. Here, you will come to know about some signs that indicate intercaste marriage after love.

  • In case there is a combination of the heart line with the marriage line somewhere in your palm, there is a high chance of making love and going into intercaste marriage.
  • The sign (<) may be present as a symbol somewhere towards the marriage line’s end. This means that you have more chances to suffer a breakup.
  • You might notice the same sign somewhere at the beginning of the marriage line. This implies that your married life would be full of conflicts and disputes.

Therefore, our astrologer will help you understand the possibility of love marriage using his knowledge of palmistry.

What yogas in astrology may indicate love marriage prediction between lovers of two castes?

In your horoscope, there are certain houses and planets that may lead to a lot of problems. Therefore, you need to carry out astrological solutions so that you can remove these issues. Here, you will get to know some of the plants that are important in the success of your intercaste marriage.

  • In love marriage, Rahu has a vital role to play. In case it is present with Jupiter in the 9th house, the possibilities of love marriage between intercaste people are high. However, if it is in a bad position, it may lead to various problems in the love marriage.
  • Mars and Venus play a crucial role in love marriage. These planets also symbolize love. In your Kundli, if Venus has a strong position, it would be easy to go ahead with your love marriage. However, if there is a weak position of Mars with respect to Venus, it might not be possible for a love marriage to happen. Besides, there might be various issues between lovers.
  • If you have Jupiter present in the 1st house, 5th house, or 7th house, chances are high that your boyfriend or girlfriend will become your life partner.

Therefore, astrology can predict a number of things about love marriage. For details, you should have a consultation with our experienced astrologer on the number provided to you.

Intercaste love marriage and astrological solutions

 Certain plants may lead to issues with love marriage. However, in astrology, there is a solution to everything. Therefore, you can remove the problems caused by these plants. Here are certain solutions that our astrologer recommends to our clients.

  • Offer your prayers to Maa Gauri and Lord Shiva. You will need some powerful mantras for this, which our astrologer will provide to you. In this way, you can get the best life partner. Repeat the pooja every week for good results.
  • To remove the effects of Mars, you need to perform lemon totka. In this way, you can enjoy a love marriage with the partner you want.
  • Worship Lord Shanidev and visit the temple to remove the ill effects of Ketu and Rahu from horoscope.

 Therefore, you have several astrological solutions that can remove your problems. However, take care to perform the mantras in exactly the same way our guruji tells you. This will help in convincing your parents in case of intercaste marriage.

 In astrology, is it possible to go for an inter-religion marriage?

Since love is pure, it doesn’t matter whether the two persons are from different caste, class, standards, or religions. Even if the person is from a different religion, you should prioritize love. However, there comes a question about social acceptance. Many times, the society refuses to accept people who go for love marriage between other religions as a reputed citizen. This is simply due to their narrow mindset. Besides, it might be difficult for both the partners to go for intercaste marriage. Our astrologer can solve your problems, as he offers very good totkas. Consult our guruji to benefit from these totkas, as it would be the best solution for marriage between two different religions.


You may want to get a prediction on whether or not you would find success with intercaste marriage. Reach out to our guruji with your questions, and he will help you out. Besides, he will provide you with the necessary solutions with powerful astrological remedies. In case there is any problem with your horoscope, he will resolve the same. Reach out to us at +91-9876501082 for a positive solution for your love problems.