Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution

Are you frustrated with your married life due to dispute with your husband or wife? The key reason leading to these quarrels lies in your Kundli. Our astrologer can find the root of these problems by studying the planetary positions in your horoscope, and the houses. Accordingly, Guruji can provide you with a solution for these issues. The placements and combinations of planetary positions are responsible for issues affecting your relationship. Our specialist can provide you with some totke, that will work as a remedy for these conflicts between the partners.

In your life, marriage gives you some of the most pleasant sensations. When you love a person, you would like to get married to him or her. However, quarrels and disputes often arise in a married life. There are different astrological factors affecting the married life and relationships with your partner. However, when you reach out to our husband wife problem solution specialist, the expert can come up with the right solution. The remedies are effective, and you can benefit from these.

The best remedy to resolve quarrels between wife and husband

The relation between a husband and a wife may come under stress as a result of conflict. However, our guruji has some remedies for these problems. Once you have a consultation with him, you can get rid of such disputes. Vashikaran mantra is very powerful and it can give you a remedy for such problems between husband and wife. Have a look at the remedy that our specialist provides to our clients.

  • In the first place, you should worship lord Shiva.
  • Every Monday, you need to visit the Shiva Temple and offer your prayers.
  • In case you encounter relationship issues with your husband, you should fast for sixteen Mondays consecutively.
  • Next, when you offer your prayers to lord Shiva, you need to perform Jal Avishek.
  • Next, you need to chant this mantra: ‘|| Om Namah Shivaya ||”

Besides, you both should offer clothes and sweets to the Shivalinga.

The most powerful vashikaran that can put a remedy to fights between wife and husband

The bond between a husband and a wife is one of the purest relationships on earth. However, if there is a fight between a husband and a wife, it can affect both the people. Regular arguments can also ruin the relationship altogether. If you notice that you are having regular arguments with your husband or wife, it means you should seek help from an astrologer. Our specialist will take care of your bond, and provide you with the very powerful Krishna Mantra. When you chant it in proper way, this mantra can be very effective. In the process, it will bring an end to the dispute between husband and wife.

This is the most powerful vashikaran mantra that you can chant:

|| Om shri krishnaye vasudebaye damodaraye namih prachodaya ||

What can cause quarrel between a husband and a wife?

Quarrels between a husband and a wife may take place due to several reasons. Here, you will get to know some of the common factors leading to quarrel between married partners.

  • You are lacking love in the relationship somewhere
  • Misunderstanding over different matters
  • Lack of trust between each partner
  • Miscommunication between the two people

What are the best tips that can resolve disputes between husband and wife?

हर समस्या का समाधान केवल 24 घंटो में पाये


In case you are encountering lots of disputes with your husband or wife, you need to control the mind of your partner to resolve the issue. This can be done with the help of an established vashikaran specialist. Our expert provides the clients with eleven effective tips that can help in resolving problems between husband and wife. Here are some of the tips that can help you in this regard.

 Financial problems: Many families face financial problems, which can escalate to relationship issues. In these cases, both the wife and husband have to suffer. When you reach out to our specialist, he will provide you with the husband vashikaran kali mantra. This will help you in controlling the mind of your husband that will eventually stabilize all the issues.

 Problems with in-laws: In some families, problems in relationships arise due to the non-cooperation of the in-laws. As a result, the relationship between the husband and wife comes under stress. Besides, the role of the mother-in-law can affect the relationship adversely. In case she does not like the husband, it might lead to problems with the relationship.

Nurturing of parents: If the parents of the husband are too much involved in family matters, the wife may not like it. This makes it uncomfortable for her to adjust to the new family after marriage. All these issues affect the behaviour of the two people, leading to relationship problems after marriage.

Stress: There might be problems in the relationship after marriage in case there is stress between the husband and the wife. It leads to a kind of mental agony that makes the relationship adverse. Stress may arise due to several reasons. Regardless of the factor leading to stress between the married people, it is important to seek astrological help and get rid of it.

Domestic violence: Domestic violence is one of the prime reasons leading to relationship issues between the husband and wife. This is common in many parts of India. Many times, people become the victim of domestic violence. Although this happens mostly to the wives, husbands can also become the victim sometimes. In any case, you need to seek the vashikaran mantra from our astrologer and cast a spell on your partner. This will make you stronger, and you won’t be suffering from domestic violence any more.

Incompatibility between couples: Before you get married to your partner, it is important to consider the horoscope of both the people and proceed. In case there is a difference in the positions of the planets or houses, problems may arise in the relationship.

 Impotence of the husband: Sexual problems of the man can lead to relationship problems. Particularly, if a person is impotent, it may lead to relationship problems. This is a major issue, as the wife would not be satisfied with his performance after marriage. However, there are different natural processes to cure these problems. Once you consult our specialist, he will provide you with the necessary support to deal with the problems.

Inter-caste marriage: People naturally want to marry the person of their own choice. However, problems may arise if the other person belongs to a different religion or caste. In most of these cases, the family members would not be supportive to the marriage. However, you can seek our astrologer’s help in case you are facing similar problems. With the help of vashikaran mantra, he will be able to resolve all your issues.

Improper communication: Problems in relationship may take place is there is no proper communication between the husband and the wife. Some misinterpretations may take place, leading to serious problems between the two people. In case this is the situation with you, our astrologer will provide you with the right solution.

Lack of interest in the other person: People are not busy with their lifestyle and career. This might lead to a situation, that the other person might feel that you are losing interest in him or her. When this takes place on a repeated basis, it leads to long-term problems. In the end, the relationship gets ruined. However, you can reach out to our astrologer for a positive remedy for these problems. In most of these cases, our guruji provides the lemon totka to our clients. You can even perform these mantras at home to maintain a peaceful relationship with your partner.

Gets attracted to another person: You might find that your wife or husband is getting attracted to another person. Even if you spend quality time with him or her, the person might not show any interest in you. These situations are really painful, and you would want the love of the person you desire to have. We have solutions for all these problems. You simply need to get in touch with our guruji.

Which is the right mantra to prevent fights between wife and husband?

In case you have been facing problems in your relationship, you would be looking for the right mantra. No one wants to fight with his or her partner. With proper astrological support, you can bring an end to such fights. When you reach out to our astrologer, he will guide you on how to chant the mantra. This will help you solve all sorts of fights between the wife and the husband.

This is the mantra you should be chanting:

|| Om harem kaleem kuru kuru swaha ||

How can you get the kali mantra to solve husband wife dispute?

In case the relationship with your husband or wife has come under dispute or pressure, you can count on our astrologer for the kali mantra. This mantra is one of the most powerful solutions. Apart from knowing this mantra, you need to know the right way to perform it. Here is the kali mantra, and our astrologer will tell you how you need to chant it.

|| Om kali kapalini chamundayini Bhatt Bhatt swaha ||

How can you resolve dispute with your husband or wife?

You should be knowing that the sensation of love is one of the best feelings. In every relationship, love plays a major role. Whether you are married or not, you need love in life. It makes the relationship stronger. However, if you lack love in life, things can become difficult and there would be conflicts between the husband and wife. Once you reach out to our astrologer, he will provide you with the vashikaran specialist in Delhi mantra. Here’s the mantra you need to chant.

|| Om hareem Kaleem shreem kuru-kuru swaha ||

What are the astrological problems that can lead to disputes among married people?

Often, disputes take place between husband and wife after marriage due to poor horoscope matching. Sometimes, this can also lead to divorce. To prevent this, our astrologer carefully merges the qualifies of the man and the woman before they get married. The position of Venus can also affect the relationship. This often leads to disputes among the husband and wife, eventually leading to a divorce.

  • If any sinful planet is present in the seventh or eighth house of the wife or the husband, it can lead to problems. The Sun, as well as sinful planets like Rahu and Ketu can lead to disputes.
  • Besides, if there is Shani in the spouses’ seventh house, there might be disputes in the relationships. Unless you seek help from an astrologer, this can lead to divorce.
  • Sometimes, Kesha can arise as a result of Rahu. Therefore, if there is Rahu in the horoscope, it is considered to be inauspicious.

Therefore, you know how planetary positions can mess up your relationship. You need to seek help from our guruji in case you are facing problems. Although these are general rules, they may not be applicable to everyone. After all, each person has a different planetary position.

What are the best astrological solutions for removing disputes between wife and husband?

  • The key role of astrology is to smoothen the connection between the husband and the wife.
  • If the problem arises due to the presence of Rahu, the wife should wear an 8 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • However, if the problem arises due to Ketu, you need to worship Lord Ganesha. Besides, you wear a nine faced Rudraksha.
  • If Shani or Saturn causes relationship problems between the husband and the wife, you need to calm the planet down. In these cases, you need to wear a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Wherever you sleep, you need to install Venus Yantra in the roop.
  • For men, putting on a diamond can prove to be beneficial.

However, you should first talk to an astrologer regarding this. Otherwise, you won’t benefit from the remedies.

What remedies do astrologers provide for resolving problems between husband and wife?

The mutual coordination between husband and wife largely depends on the friendship of their planets. It’s the planets that affect the relationship between the husband and wife. Husbands can enjoy a happy married life due to the impact of Venus. For females, Jupiter needs to do the job. However, Venus controls the overall association and bond between the husband and wife. In case Jupiter or Venus is weak, there might be problems between the husband and wife after marriage. Besides, these issues can aggravate due to the impact of Sun, Mars, Sun, Ketu and Rahu. On the other hand, Jupiter, Mercury, and Chandra can mitigate these issues. Here is a powerful remedy to remove problems between husband and wife.

  • In the place where you worship at home, you need to establish Rama Darbar
  • In front of them, light a ghee lamp every morning
  • On Fridays, the husband and wife need to give away white sweet to the poor

After all, astrology determines all these planetary positions. With proper guidance from our astrologer, you can find the right solution for disputes between husband and wife.

 What vashikaran mantra does the expert provide to remove problems between husband and wife?

Conflicts between husband and wife are very common. If the quarrel continues, it might lead to a separation. Therefore, you must not allow the situation to worsen and use the right mantra to put things back to place. Our expert will provide you with the mantra for vashikaran, which can eventually heal your relationship. This mantra will help in controlling the mind of your partner, and you will be able to control the actions of the person. If your husband has been quarreling with you, you can stop it by controlling his mind. You simply need to seek our astrologer’s help for performing these mantras. You will find that your partner starts listening to what you say, and fulfil your wishes. However, when you perform vashikaran mantra, you need to dip it in the same way that our astrologer tells you. Besides, performing the vashikaran mantra requires your full dedication and concentration. This ensures that the results will be in your favour. In this process, you can resolve any quarrel with your husband or wife. The vashikaran mantra is:

|| Om hareem kaleem kuru kuru swaha ||

What totke is the most effective to ensure good relationship between husband and wife?

Mars often causes disputes between husband and wife. In case these two people do not have any respect for each other, the reason is often the planet Mars. However, you would like to get rid of the problem and strengthen your relationship. To maintain a good relationship with your husband and wife, you should know the right mantra. Besides, our expert will tell you some effective totke that will help you maintain a good relationship with your husband. Here are some strategies that you should follow, along with chanting the mantra.

  • At home, make sure to prepare pudding every Tuesday.
  • Offer sweets to Lord Hanuman.
  • Chant this phrase at home : ‘Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak’
  • Distribute halwa to all the members of your family. Besides, every member should consume this halwa in front of you.

How can Lal Kitab help you resolve disputes between husband and wife?


 Lal Kitab can help you maintain a good relationship with your partner. When you reach out to our specialist, he can use black magic to restore proper connection with your partner. In the past, he has used these tactics to eliminate problems between many husbands and wives. Astrology is very powerful and with the right use, it can help you in married life. You can eventually get across to your objective. However, you need to perform all the rituals in exactly the same way that we recommend. Besides, you need concentration while you carry these out.

 Are there any general remedies to improve husband-wife misunderstandings and strengthen the bond?

Most of the time, problems arise between husband and wife as there is no mutual trust between them. Therefore, you should understand the roots of these problems. Once you get to know this, you will be able to address it by taking the right action. Here are certain general remedies that can improve the relationship between a husband and a wife.

  • Firstly, you should trust your husband and wife. Trust forms the basis of every married relation. This ensures that you can maintain a good relation with your partner for a long time.
  • You need to respect each other’s privacy. The lack of privacy may lead to conflict, and ultimately the husband and wife may break up.
  • Make sure not to pressurize your partner to have a baby. Many times, husbands do not understand that their wife is not ready to have a baby. It would be wrong to force someone to have a baby. If it happens, it would deteriorate the relationship adversely.

These are some general guidelines that every married couple can follow. In case you are facing problems in your married life, these guidelines will help you out. However, if you are already separated from your husband or wife due to these disputes, you can contact our astrologer to get back your partner.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on husband-wife disputes

Can astrology really solve conflict between husband and wife?

Yes, without any doubt, astrology can resolve conflicts between husband and wife. The reason is, planets largely govern our lives. Astrology involves the study of these planets that influence our lives. Our astrologer will find out the plants that favours you, and the ones that don’t. Accordingly, he will tell you the remedy to resolve problems with your partner after marriage.

What is Lal Kitab? How does it help couples in enjoying a happy married life?

Lal Kitab can be defined as an astrological treatise. Through Lal Kitab, you can know the future and make it free from troubles. When you reach out to our astrologer, he will consult this book and tell you the time of marriage. Besides, you can know about the success points of your business, time of childbirth, etc. besides, you can know a lot about your health and career. Very few astrologers can accurately consult this book and tell you the future. Our guruji is one of these astrologers, and he is well-versed with all these things.

Compared to Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab can provide you the results much faster. The reason is, Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological treatise and it is pre-written. However, astrologers can customize Lal Kitab as per the nature of the problems and resolve the same.

Therefore, you need to consult our Lal Kitab astrologer if you are interested in knowing what’s coming.

 Is Lal Kitab powerful enough to help you win your husband/wife’s love back?

This is a common question that many of our clients put forward. Problems in married life arise due to several reasons. Sometimes, these take place due to silly mistakes. In other situations, incompatibility in marriage leads to these issues. Lal Kitab provides answers to all these issues. Therefore, Lal Kitab can work perfectly and help you win back the love of your husband or wife. You simply need to contact our expert if you want to benefit from these solutions.


Disputes in relationships are common. The strength of a relationship largely depends on how you resolve these problems. With vashikaran mantras, you have the best solution to resolve relationship issues. If you are going through these issues, simply reach out to us at ………….