How to break vashikaran effects

A life full of intimidation often leads to jealousy. With the social media coming in and other ways in which people flaunt their clothes, lifestyle, partner and partner’s love, gifts, holidays, and everything that was once a upon a time a dream. For those who are living the dream, they must be wary that there are others who are jealous of your life and the way you live. It is the disposition of the people when they tend to feel envious of others. Hence it is important to keep yourself safe from such negative people who can go to any extent to harm others just because they do not have or cannot have a lavish lifestyle.   

So when you start feeling something unpleasant suddenly you must join the dots and figure out how and what and how it is happening. This is most likely because someone is using strong mantras to implement vashikaran on you and your family. 

How can we get rid of such vashikarans?

You need not worry about this once our Guruji comes to your rescue. However, let’s first understand what vashikaran means? Vashikaran is vedic astrology that is usually used by people for resolving implications in relationships and for a more positive life. However, to each its own, there are people who tend to use these mantras to control others so that they are able to extract their happiness. This may be out of many negative emotions and thus, needs to be put to halt. As soon as you get to know about the slightest mantra that has someone has used to control you, you must immediately seek Panditji’s help.

What are the effects of Vashikaran Mantra?

If Vashikaran is done with complete focus then its effects lasts very long as it is a strong Vedic Science. This Science is indeed powerful and does not matter what your intentions are in doing this. If the intentions are malicious, it is likely that they will cause harm through this vashikaran. On the contrary, if the intentions are positive, then too, the lasting effects of vashikaran can be noticed. The very foundation of the word ‘vashikaran’ means to control others and make them act according to the wish of others. It is their body but the brain does not work on one’s own whims and fancies because they are under the control of those who have implemented the vashikaran mantras on them.

How can you make out that you are under the impact of Vashikaran?

It is rather difficult to fathom the fact that someone is under vashikaram impact. For a common man, it is nearly impossible to understand this and thus, a lot of people when they behave unusual, are brought to our Guruji and then clarifies the extent of vashikaran. Vashikaran is either very intense or light, depending upon who has done and for what purpose. Below mentioned are some points that will help you in perceiving whether someone you know is under vashikaran or not.

  • Under the impact of vashikaran, the person under the effect tends to feel nauseated all the time. In fact on such people, sickness prevails forever until the vashikaran impact is negated. Even while sleeping, such a person will continue to feel sick.
  • Thinking negative all the time and getting the thoughts of the person who has done the vashikaran. However, such a person is normally not in a position to speak out and does not understand clearly what the issue is.
  • As we know that negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity, so a vashikaran done with negative intentions, usually result in creating evil intentions on the affected person too. And in some cases it is so strong that such a person is also penalized as a criminal.
  • At the same time, such a person may also have an inclination of self-harm by committing suicide.
  • Sometimes, when you find the impacted person having fear from anything that is related to God,  also needs help
  • Moreover, a taviz, or a thread packed and put nder the bed/pillow also indicates that something is not right.

So if someone you know is seen with all or partial symptoms, you must help them by bringing them to our Guru ji. It will be a rather difficult task, but that will be a great solution.

What is a girl is a vashikaran victim?

No matter how much women empowerment we talk about, the malicious intentions of people often do not go beyond objectifying women. This is evident because even today, there are many girls who are a victim of such people. They are under the impact of vashikaran mantras so the men/negative people can take advantage of her. Thus, it is important to be careful and check for these symptoms in a girl who you know.

  1. A sudden change of behavior where pleasant behavior is covered by unruly attitude.
  2. When strangely the girl begins to like someone to the extent of getting married wven when the house belongs to the enemy.
  3. When there is too much opposition from the girl for her own family, its likely she has been under the mantras influence.
  4. Finding all the flaws in her own family and considering others right is one of the most common ways to find out the vashikaran influence.
  5. When a girl who enjoyed praying, now is addicted to alcohol and other bad habits is most likely to be under the influence of a mantra.

Negating Vashikaran Mantras.

When you are not able to do what you want, you see yourself changing gradually and becoming more aggressive for those who love you and begin to like others, you are under a negative mantra impact. This would mean that the future is bleak for you and you need dire help.

Although difficult, but not impossible that the vashikaran mantras can be mitigated and their affect tends to become zero. Your own focus and belief plays a major role in doing this.

Use the totkas given by our Guruji and reverse the effect of the vashikaran.

A common saying, ‘Tit-for-Tat’, should be your outlook in a situation where you get to know who is trying you or someone you know control. This will be in the best interest of everyone especially the one who will be saved from the bad impact. Below mentioned are some generic and easy totkas that you can do at home to reduce the vashikaran effect.

  • Using a lemon will be a natural and the most common way to reduce the vashikaran affect. Moving a full lemon around the head of the victim, for 21 times in one go, in clock wise position, can help. Once you do this, you need to out the lemon on the crossroads of a busy road. As soon as someone passes over it, the impact of vashikaran would be seen getting reduced. What you must keep in mind is the fact that once you keep the lemon on the crossroads, you must never look back.
  • It is said that cow dung is very effective in removing the vashikaran effects. So all you need to do is to mix guggul, and Lohban with some yellow mustard and add cow Ghee. Burn this mix each day in the evening. It will be very fragrant and pleasant. Once you burn it you will feel a sense of satisfaction prevail you immediately. This must done thrice a week, during or after the sunset.
  • Maa Kali is considered as powerful devi that negates the evil. You must offer her 7 roses and chant the Kreeng Mantra 21 times. Now you need to feed nearly 7 petals of this rose flower to the one impacted by vashikaran.

What is you get to know that someone has used vashikaran on the love of your life? Will this impact your life?

Love has been the reason for many wars. This is one thing where wars have continued since eons ago. So when you find the love of your life under a black magic impact, you will do everything to get him/her out of this problem. The one impacted with vashikaran has no idea what has happened to him, so it is your responsibility to convince such a person to meet our Guruji for ‘utara’.

It will be futile to use another vashikaran mantra over the person to bring him/her back, because it has already been done to this person. This may impact love life, because your partner may be following the rules of other person who has used the black magic on him/her.


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