How destiny blends with astrology and make you fall in love

Just like an old adage that, ‘marriages are made in heaven’, love too is matter of stars. When you are destined to fall in love, you do! and then there is no looking back. We often ask ourselves the question of how love happens, then the answer is your destiny! Destiny plays a major role in giving opportunities that make you fall in love. The alignment of stars of two people make them fall in love and the stars are Astrological positions of your planets.

If love we know is dependent upon stars, so are the problems associated with love. The way you behave, the way your personal life becomes better of turbulent, all depend upon the position of the stars.

Since the problems in love can be attributed to the stars, the solutions are also done through the stars. The astrology plays a significant role in making or breaking a relationship. For any issues that have cropped into either your marriage or your relationships, you need to consider changing or praying to those planets that are malefic or are placed in a way that makes your life disturbing. Our Guruji is a skillful astrological reader who can help you in correcting the positions of your stars and removing all the issues in your marriage.

How can Vedic Science of Astrology vashikaran help in resolving problems related to love?

Like mentioned above, the positions of the planets can be amended such that the bad affect of the stars is nullified by the prayers and offerings you do. But you must know the right offerings and the prayers, and primarily the planet that you need to pray to so the poor effects stop coming to you and get nullified.

Our astrologer pandit ji is a master of this Science and plunges deep into your problem until he resolves it. Checking the kundlis of the girl and the boy he makes sure to read them well and then give upayas that removes the doshas to bring back happiness in your life.

Apart from love issues, he also provides flawless suggestions in marriage that is on the rocks. His upayas are strong enough that even divorce is reversed. There are many reasons when a husband and a wife tend to take this decision of getting separated. These reasons can be extra marital affair, poor finances, or just depression. Our Guruji is expert in understanding not just the solutions but also finds the problem so it does not occur again in our life.

Another thing you can do to have a happy love life or a blissful married life and that is getting your horoscope done from our pandit ji. While making the horoscope, he will guide you and explain to you the upayas beforehand so the problems do not come in your way of love or marriage. 

What kind of problems can one face because of planetary positions and how can astrology help in that?

With those who are not getting married and are not able to find a match to spend their life with are often sad and depressed. This happens more when people begin to ask questions from the parents and they pressurize you to get married. However, even sometimes when you are ready, you do not get a match. These are all problems because of the stars. Let’s elaborate these below:

Love marriage/marriage delays:

Astrology is science that impacts life negatively or positively. So which planet is responsible creating delay in marriage ?

This delay in marriage, even when you have partner happens when the 7thlord or marriage lord is retrograded. Along with this, planet Mars is placed in the 8th house that rules the marriage stars.

Similarly, the delays happen when 7thlord is rather weak and placed in either the 6th or the 8th house in your birth chart.

Due to astrology, some people remain unmarried for long and some remain single forever.

For this Mercury and Venus are come together in a retrograde position in the birth chart. If the planet Saturn and Mars come together in the 7th house and weakens the Moon of the 8th house.