Astrological reason behind delay in marriage

Marriage is a sacred institution where two people come together and are represented as one. It is a synergy between a man and a woman to go ahead and administer their sorrows and joys together. Marriage is one of the most important ashram of a man and woman’s life out of the four ashrams. In natural course of life, a girl as soon as she turns 22- to 23 and begins to complete her studies, a match is looked for her. With time this age has increased and now girls get married anytime between 25 to 30. Similarly for the men this age is between 25 to 30 but now has increased to upto 35 years. The reason we are discussing age here is the fact that a delay in marriage tends to knock you out on biological line. Marriage is not only being with other, but also taking each other’s responsibility. When we do not have enough energy how will you take care of each other?

It is important that this phase of life be lived the best because a delay in marriage is an unacceptable in all ways. Sometimes, girls and boys want to get married, but they are not able to. Even when they are good looking, earning well and everything is in place, still marriage does not seem to be on their cards. Only Astrological Science has an answer to the Why. And our pandit ji is the best person to seek for astrological remedies for such issues.

A delayed marriage and astrological reasons that hinder the marriage for some people.

When you are looking forward to be bride/groom and you are not able, it becomes very disheartening. This kind of feeling leads the girls and boys to become stressed. They begin to lose interest in life and stop socializing with the fear that people may ask questions about their marriage. Gradually, they become very depressed if marriage gets very delayed. ut let us first find the reasons that lead to delay in marriage.

  • Solution for delay in Marriage: Marriage plans are often supervised by the planet Saturn. When its position is incorrect and does not favor you, marriage gets delayed. If Saturn tends to be in the 7th house, or has another connection with the 7th house of the persons chart, then it is likely that he/she will undergo a disturbed time period. This can be losing respect, finance and delayed marriage.
  • Why 7th house impacts: Since the lord of the 7th house is weak it leads to degradation and a turbulent period in life in all the phases.
  • Other planets that need to be strong in the horoscope are Venus and Jupiter. Since Venus represents an attraction towards the person, if this planter is weak, it is likely that this person may not be able to attract anyone with his or her persona. Jupiter rules your family life. So if this planet is weak, there are chanced that you won’t be able to enjoy the family life soon. The position of the planets can be corrected and worked upon by upaya.
  • Planets like Saturn (like Mars, Rahu) move to the 7th house, impact the marriage and health issues also arise.
  • When Saturn and Mars are together and impacts the 7th house, or are present in the 7th house, Marriage will be certainly delayed.
  • Not all the planets if are in the 7th house will impact the marriage plans. It is only Saturn, thus, if there is no planet present in the 7ht house, then also marriage will be a delayed program in your life.

Apart from those the generic factors mentioned above, there are some specific to horoscope factors too. These can be consulted upon with our Guruji who will give his prestigious opinion on this matter. Astrology does impact the marriage in a big way, so manage the astrological chart with the help of our Guruji.

Are marriage delays done the Almighty?

The almighty never ever wants anyone to suffer. So it is not God who delays the marriage plans. If that was the true reason, then a lot of people would remain unmarried. To understand the truth, it is the planetary positions that impact the marriage phase of a human. This can be worked upon easily. But before we go ahead to how they can be changed, it is important to know that this happens because of the past deeds. Karma plays an important role in changing the planetary positions.

Lets us now find the astrological remedies for delay in Marriage.

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, and other unfavorable positions of the planets causes the delay in marriage. So here are some remedies and upayas that will help you overcome this problem and may also change the planetary position for you. These remedies are different for girls and boys.

Remedy for girl marriage 

  1. For girls, they should offer turmeric to the sun. While in the morning after taking bath, the girl should mix some turmeric into the water and give it to the Sun God. This will improve the relation between the father and the girl and will also make the Jupiter strong.
  2. Other measures include pooja of Kali with laung and supari. For this detailed pooja, you can consult or panditiji who will give you remedies.

Marriage Remedy for Boy

  1. Boys must make changes in their routines. They should wake up early and chant the name of Lord Shiva, 108 times. They can chant ‘Aum Namah Shivaya’. However, while doing this ritually for a three months you need to stop eating non vegetarian diet and drinking alcohol.
  2. There are other detailed ways that include pooja with the nariyal. For this please connect with our Guruji and get your marriage happening soonest.

Find out the age in which you will get married. Understand the benefits and losses of late marriage.

Calculating marriage age is not a very difficult task. Our Guruji can do it for you after reading the horoscope and matching the planetary position. Our Gurujii can also tell this by reading your palm. He knows palmistry too and can read accurately. The way marriage delays can be calculated are mentioned below:

  • Just like you add numbers, add the numbers of your birth date and month. These should be totaled with the year of birth too.
  • The digits that you get after calculating will be your possible marriageable age.

How to conduct pooja to overcome marriage delay

The Pooja for this purpose is an offering made to the Gods and Deities so they help you change the position of the planets and you get married on time. For this a specific ritual and manner is required in which the pooja needs to be conducted. You can consult our Astrological expert Guruji and do your pooja in the most favorable way. While performing the pooja, you can even think about the qualities you want in a person, these qualities, will be fulfilled soon in your bride/groom.

  • This pooja should be done on a Thursday, as we are offering this to the Planet Jupiter.
  • Make sure you have all the items needed for pooja.
  • Take bath and use turmeric and chandan for your bath to purify yourself fomr the body and the heart.
  • Get ready in yellow clothes and now start the pooja.
  • As soon as the pooja is over, you will realize whether your attraction has worked or not. This will be your first step.


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