Agreement of Parents is necessary when planning to get married

As a part of the Indian Culture, no matter which religion you belong to, it is important to seek the agreement and blessings of the parents. This is indeed one of the most beautiful thing of the Indian culture and a lot of people who live abroad miss this attachment with their parents. Since we have this attachment, where the kids seek their parents blessings, as Indians one must feel proud and honored too.  From the growing up years to the time when the groom or bride needs to be looked for, parents play a vital role.

Imagine not getting the parent’s agreement? How would the boy or the girl feel? They will devastated and sad all the time since their parents who stood like a rock with them are no more standing by the decision of getting married. So if you are facing any such situation, and before it becomes worse, please connect with our Guruji who will help you in getting the love and agreement of your parents

You must consider yourself lucky for you are born in an age where love marriages are accepted. In the earlier times, the concept of love marriage never existed and each one who got married was based on their financial status and caste. Since the parents continue to believe this, they tend to not agree in case of caste differences, or if the girl their son has chosen goes out to work, or if the boy who the girl has chosen does not earn enough. Considering these as the most common issues, the parents do not agree.

What are the ways to convince the parents in case of caste differences?

Caste continues to be a taboo in not just rural, but a lot of urban households too. In fact inter caste may still be accepted, but inter-religion marriage is not accepted even today. There are a very few parents who agree with a Hindu-Muslim wedding, especially, the girl’s family barely agrees. For these problems, our Guruji is there to help you out. Using the Vashikarna mantras, and other upayas, the parents will certainly agree. For this the mantras that are given are specific to problems and hence, a generalized mantra may not work. Since minute details are asked and consulted for you must seek an appointment for a blissful marriage ceremony where you see your parents participating in your rituals and enjoying the wedding.

Other than the vashikaran, there are small and easy totkas that you can use as remedies to convince parents for your relationship. These are totkas from the Lal-Kitab and are very effective and easy to do. Our Guruji who has the skill to read the charts will guide you well about the totkas and how you need to do them. This will be done in a step wise manner, and soon after completing the rituals for a specific time period, you will see how your parents begin to agree slowly and gradually. Just keep faith and perform all the totkas and rituals.

One of the mantras that our Guruji gives for convincing parents is mentioned below:

 “om vajrakaran shive rudh rudh bhave mamaai amrit kuru kuru swaha”

This mantra will help you getting the initial phase better, but for the methods and rituals associated with it, you must consult our Guruji. You will soon see best and effective results as the mantra is really powerful and can be used for vashikaran too.

Yet another way you can go about in getting the agreement of your parents, is through the same mantra but a different method. You may visit the nearest temple and sing this mantra. It needs to be sung for 10000 times each day, for a tenure of 11 days. If for some reason you cannot go out, you can recite this chant at your home at the place where you prayer every day. In the temple space at your home, you must be focused and nothing must disturb you until the chant is complete.

Gradually, you will start receiving positive indications from your parents and then you can plan the rest of the marriage plan with them.

These chants require some days and time before the actual results are seen. So our Guruji has devised some instant ways too. For these you may consult him and get the problem resolved quickly.


As explained above, parents do a lot for their children. It is therefore, the rights of the parents to be by their child’s side at the time of marriage too. Our harmless vashikaran techniques and mantras are designed for this happiness.