11 tips that can help you get back your ex

As a feeling, love is very strong and connects two people. However, the person you want in your life may not be interested in you after a certain time. If he has decided to get separated, you would like to get the person back in your life. In case you are able to control the person, you can get back love in your life. Through astrology and Vashikaran, this would be possible. Our astrologer can help you to win back your love.

11 tips that can help you get back your ex

 Continue communication: Through communication, both the partners can exchange their emotions and feelings. When you are a part of a relationship, you need a high level of communication. Communication is a powerful medium, through which you can get your love back. Try to establish a strong communication with your partner.

Deep understanding: People who are in a relationship must understand each other. Failure to understand the other person would lead to various problems. In case your partner has left you, try to understand the person. This will help you get the person as your husband or wife.

Faith and trust: Each relationship is based on trust and faith. These two aspects form a strong foundation for every relationship. At times, the connection gets broken due to certain mistakes. However, when you want the person back in your life, you need to recreate this faith and trust.

 Change your habits: Remember, your partner does not feel attracted to you anymore. This is the very reason for which he or she left you. However, you can try and change your habits. This transformation on your part would appeal to your partner. This would bring you back the lost relationship.

 Spend quality time: Partners in a beautiful relationship should spend quality time with one another. The reason is, you can show how much you care for the other person by spending this time. In case your ex has left you, make sure to spend a lot of time with the person. This will also allow you to know what the person likes and dislikes. Accordingly, you can sort out the issues in your relationship.

Don’t show your sorrow: Even after a breakup, there might be signs that your partner loves you. However, you should not reveal that you have been affected by sorrow after the breakup. Your partner is likely to understand your value. Eventually, he or she will appreciate your presence and unite with you.

Hang around with new friends: After breakups, it is normal to undergo stress. Therefore, you should try and make new friends. Once you start enjoying your life with these people, you can resolve issues with your love. This would convey to your ex that you are happy enough without him or her. As a result, the person would come up to you on his own.

 Go for dates: While trying to bring back your ex in your life, try to plan some dates. These secret dates would enable you to spend good time and you would be able to resolve your love issues. In this way, you can get back your ex in your life. He will realize your value and continue the relationship.

Reconnect your feelings: Sometimes in a relationship, the essence of love and feelings are lost. In these cases, you need to try and evoke these feelings for each other. In this way, you can get back to the situation you used to enjoy earlier.

Use the vashikaran mantra: Through vashikaran, you would be able to get control over another person. When you chant this mantra, you can make your partner take actions as per your intentions. When you reach out to our astrologer, he will tell you how you should chant this mantra. When you pronounce it in the right way, you can definitely get back your love. Have a look at this powerful mantra here:

Om hareem kaleem vashyam bhatt bhatt Swaha 

 Pay attention to him or her: In case your ex has left you, you need to make the person realize that you give him priority. Therefore, you should pay adequate attention to the person. In this way, you can heal your relationship once again.

Using prayer to win back your ex

You can also use powerful prayers that our astrologer will provide you with in order to win back the love of your ex. It’s natural that you would be in deep pain when someone you love leaves you. However, you can change things to make them good for you. Our astrologer will provide you with the necessary prayers. He will also tell you how you need to chant them. In this way, you can get the person back in your life. This is the prayer that you have to chant. 

 Oh, heavenly lord you have blessed me, I know you love me, still I tried and get set back, the struggle never ends

Using vashikaran to get your love back

You must be knowing that vashikaran is a powerful means to control a person. When you have control over the mind of the individual, the person would work as per your instructions. In this way, the person would come back to you if you want. However, not everyone is able to perform vashikaran. Our astrologer is one of the specialists who knows how this mantra works. Here is the mantra you need to chant.


Om namoh kat vikat ghor rupini stambha vashmanya swaha


Krishna vashikaran mantra: This can make you united with your ex-boyfriend

In order to resolve any problem related to your love life, you need to chant the Krishna mantra. You should be knowing that Lord Krishna fulfills the wishes of his devotees. When you chant this mantra, you would be able to overcome your problems. In Rosemary’s life, chanting can help in resolving the issues. Lord Krishna symbolizes love. When you offer your prayers to Lord Krishna, you would be able to get back your ex-boyfriend. However, we won’t provide you with the mantra and the procedure in this post. The reason is, you also need to know the procedure to perform it. When you reach out to our astrologer, who will show you the right way to chant it. The mantra is given below.

Om krishnaye vasudevaye damodaraye namoh namah

Using astrology remedies to get back the love

In every aspect of your life, astrology has an important role to perform. Through vashikaran astrology, our specialist is able to study the positions of different houses and planets in a person’s horoscope. For instance, Venus influences the love life significantly, leading to relationships as well as breakups. However, the combination of one of the inauspicious planets with Venus, or its settlement with one of the houses apart from the Lord in the 7th house can lead to problems. You need astrological remedies to get back the person you love.

Common problems that may hinder your love life

  • Problems between boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Breakup or divorce
  • Marriage issues
  • Controlling wife or husband
  • Controlling girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Making a person love you
  • Getting back love that you had lost

 Our vashikaran expert would help you resolve all these problems in your love life. When you are interested in getting back a person, he will give you the most suitable solutions. Mostly, these involve chanting some mantras. He can also provide you with a vashikaran mantra or a love locket. Our specialist can also carry out various tricks and totkes. All these are powerful and effective to bring back love.

 Using Lord Shiva’s prayer to win back love

 In case you have lost the person you love, you would want a positive remedy. In this case, you might be wondering which would be the most suitable God to help you out. Well, the best approach in this case is to use a prayer through which you can win back your love. Our astrologer would recommend you using to mantra of Lord Shiva. Also known as Bhole Nath, the mantra of this God is very powerful. Many people want to know the reason behind the effectiveness of this mantra. Well, Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes of his devotees faster than most other Gods. Therefore, you should know the prayer of Lord Shiva that is used by the Hindus to win back your love. You simply need to get across to our astrologer. The mantra that you need to chant is mentioned here.

Om name namoh Shivaya

Using surah and dua to bet the ex-boyfriend back in three days?

Using surah and dua is powerful to get back love as per Islamic beliefs. In this way, you can get the love back in three days. This is a Maulana practice, that will help you solve the hassles that you are facing. Maulana is the person in Islam who can resolve the issues that people have been suffering in their life. He has a complete knowledge on the Quran and he can recommend you the right ways to resolve problems in the love life you are facing. Dua is something that what someone would do to God on your behalf. He would recite something which is called the Surah.

Surah refers to the rhymes in the Quran that can help people who are suffering in their lives. For getting lost love in your life back, you may also want dua. Our astrologer will do the needful for you and tell you about surah. If you are interested in surah and dua, you can get in touch with our astrologer. It will take only three days for you to get back your love.

Allah meah aami namami vashyam swaha

Using vashikaran mantra to unite with the person you love

In case you love a person in your life, you would want the person back. Due to certain reasons, you might have got detached from this person. However, you might want the person back in your life now. In these cases, the vashikaran mantra would help you out. This is based on tantra education that our astrologer can perform. When you perform this mantra in the right way, you can get back the person you want. The reason is, this mantra will give you the control over the mind of the person. Therefore, he will work as per your wish. This is the mantra of the Hindus that people should chant to get back love.


Om hareem Kaleem shreem vashyam kuru-kuru Swaha 


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